Teenage Girl Charged for Shooting and Killing Husband in YouTube Fame Attempt

Minnesota Teen Youtube Shooting

We at Concealed Carry Inc. pride ourselves in the high level of safety that we adhere to and teach in our classes because all too often there are situations in the shooting world like this one from Norman County.

Two young lovers, Monalisa Perez, 19, and her husband Pedro Ruiz, 22 were starting up a YouTube channel in hopes of getting their name out there and seeking fame as a young couple vlogging about their lives as both young and married and soon to be young parents, as Monalisa is currently with the couple’s first child. However, in the world of online fame, in order to get your name out there, the cost for many is to do something wild and crazy in order to get some shock views. This was the idea that Pedro and Monalisa had when the two decided to film a stunt for their channel.

What was the stunt? Seeing if a .50 Caliber Desert Eagle round would go through a thick, hardcover encyclopedia. But instead of testing this at a gun range or around someone who could assure safety, the couple decided that Pedro would hold the book during the demonstration, right over his chest.

Now perhaps the young folks didn’t know what you likely are aware of right now, but they soon tragically found out.

The young couple prepared for the shot in front of their house, and with cameras rolling, Monalisa took aim and fired into the book, and into her husband’s chest. The scene ended just how you would imagine, with Pedro dead from the .50 caliber round hitting him in his chest.

As for Monalisa, she is currently out on bail as evidence for her upcoming manslaughter trial is gathered. If she is convicted, she may not be able to see the baby inside of her growing up, as she will be facing up to 10 years in prison.

When asked why she and her late husband would do such a thing, Monalisa reportedly responded with the reason her husband gave her.

“Because we want more viewers. We want to get famous.”

Unfortunately, their fame has come at the cost of Pedro’s life.

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