Student Testimonials

I completed my MN Permit to Carry training today with Mindsight. I drove in thinking that it was going to be an intensive group of trigger happy gun fanatics with high levels of testosterone, and was pleasantly surprised to see how many couples were there together. I love that the instructors, Pete and Libby, are a husband & wife team. The best part of the training, aside from shooting a gun for the first time, was that I walked away with a new found respect and appreciation for our constitutional right to bear arms. I distinguished the difference between being paranoid and being prepared. Lastly, this training made me aware of just how oblivious I’ve been with what goes on around me and I learned many lifesaving Situational Awareness skills, particularly as it pertains to my real estate practice. Not to mention some self-defense laws that will keep me out of jail and away from hefty fines. I think everyone should consider taking this course whether you want to carry a firearm or not. It’s just good basic skills to know. Thank you Pete and Libby for taking time out of your weekend to share this training with our group today. I’ll definitely be proclaiming the importance of this training to everyone I know.

My husband and I took this class together at the Scale facility in Jordan. We are both first time conceal and carry participants and Pete and Libby are fabulous educators that made us feel so comfortable and are so accommodating to all your questions. Pete covers so much information during the 9-5 class and the shooting drill at the end with either one of his firearms or your own if you have one. I fully plan on taking further one on one and advanced skill classes with Pete.
I would highly recommend their class to anyone that is considering Conceal and Carry or just needing to renew their current permit.

This class highly exceeded my expectations. Even if you don’t intend to get a conceal/carry, it was a great educational experience… and a lot of fun, too! The instructors are very well informed and it’s a very comfortable environment. Being a girl with no gun experience, I didn’t feel out of place at all. Only problem is… now I want to take all their classes!

I got my permit to carry ,and my renewal from Mind Sight. The instructor was awesome! He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the class, from the class work to the shooting. My wife, father and mother all loved the class too. I will definitely go back for more training.

Great class, very well taught. They really discuss all aspects of how to be a properly informed PTC citizen and how to only use deadly force when needed. I have been around guns my whole life and came out of the class with a lot of additional information.

A very well taught class. The instructors were very informative preparing you for the incredible responsibilities of conceal carrying. Any assumptions I had regarding conceal carry and any possible starting bad habits were corrected in the class. Pete and Libby did a great tag-team job going over the course material.