Below are answers to the most common questions we get about obtaining a Minnesota Concealed Carry Permit.

Do I have to be a resident of South Carolina to apply?

No, Minnesota allows residents and non-residents to apply.

Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply?


What is the Application Fee for the state permit?

The fee for a new permit to carry will be determined by the county sheriff, not to exceed $100.

What is the Renewal Fee?

A fee for a renewal permit (applied for before the expiration date of a current permit to carry) will be determined by the county sheriff, not to exceed $75. An additional $10.00 fee will be charged for those applying for a renewal after the expiration date on the previous permit, but within 30 days of that expiration date.

Will I be notified when my permit is going to expire?


How long does it take to get the permit after my application has been submitted?

The county sheriff must either issue or deny a permit within 30 days of the application date.

What is the complete process to apply for the permit?

After taking your MN CCW course you need to submit a completed application, a copy of your training certificate, a copy of your driver’s license or State ID card and the application fee to your local sheriff.

Are Permit Holders Required to Notify Law Enforcement When Confronted?


Can Private Property Owners Prohibit Firearms on Their Property?


How long is the class?

No time constraint, but the class must be taken within a year of applying for your permit.

Do I have to shoot a firearm for this class?


How Often Do I Have to Renew My Permit?

Every five years

How Do I apply for the permit after I complete the course?

You will get all of the necessary information to apply to your local sheriff at the course you attend.