Saint Cloud Concealed Carry Class November 5th 2017


Our CCW classes are small, comfortable and designed to give you a foundation for living unafraid with the confidence that comes with being prepared for the worst. This class will take place on Sunday November 5th at 11am and will run until  3-6pm depending on class sizes. More information can be found below!

PLUS Now Receive A $185 Bonus When You Sign-up! Details Below.

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More About The CCW Class:

This course will qualify you for obtaining the necessary training certificate when applying for your MN concealed carry permit. You will be taught the fundamentals of proper and safe pistol handling and firing in a safe and comfortable environment with one of the state’s best instructors. This class will also qualify you to apply for your Florida and Arizona permit as well. The Cost of the course would be $99 plus a $10 range fee that would be paid directly to the range. You will be required to bring a firearm, 20 rounds of ammunition as well as eye and ear protection. If you do not have those items you can rent them from the instructor, firearms cost $10 to rent which would include the ammo and we offer eye and ear protection for $5. You will leave class with a clear understanding of How and What to PRACTICE so you can effectively use a firearm for defensive purposes. Here is a basic outline of what will be taught in the course:

-Your rights as a citizen with a concealed weapons permit.

-HOW to practice with our focus being fundamentals.

– Use-of-force considerations in using a firearm for defensive purposes. 

-Reasonable person standards with regard to use of force considerations and the law.

-Safely interacting with the police if pulled over while armed.

-Where you can and cannot carry in MN, reciprocity considerations, flying and transportation of firearms.

-Practical tips for transitioning to the concealed carry lifestyle. 

-The Mindset and conduct standards we uphold as responsibly armed Citizens.  

-Our classes are designed to be conversational and comfortable.  Questions are welcome and encouraged anytime.


When you sign up for this class today you will immediately receive a coupon pack valued at $185. Coupons provide discounts up to $25 on various industry proven products that you will probably need anyway. Products include: Gun law books and videos, training pistols, holsters, gun cleaning products, gun safes and cases, training tools, hearing protection, and more. Click here for more details.

More About Your Instructor:

Victor Ricigliano has been an avid gun enthusiast his entire life. A retired Police Officer, with many years serving the public, he brings a unique and expert  real world  knowledge to the classes he teaches. Victor’s ability to communicate effectively, quoting real life examples,  has helped to engage and educate his students. Victor is a United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified Instructor, National Rifle Association  (NRA)- Certified Pistol instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer and a NRA Personal Protection in the Home instructor. Check out all of his credentials on our “Instructors” page!

How Do You Register For the Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the “Add to the Cart” button above to make your payment or call us to register over the phone.

Where is the Class Located?

The class location is 5 miles from the center of Saint Cloud MN. The exact course address will be sent to you after you purchase the course.


How Do I Apply For My CCW License After the Class?

After the class, you will walk out with a class completion certificate signed by the instructor. From there you just need to visit your county sheriff’s office and apply. Don’t worry. We’ll give you detailed instructions and set you up before you leave the class.

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