Pete Cheolis

Pete is the Owner and Lead Instructor of Mind Sight Firearms Training. As a highly skilled instructor, he individualizes his teaching according to each student’s needs. He challenges returning students as readily as he eases first-time shooters.

Pete was trained as a Navy Corpsman to serve with the Marines in combat. He is a licensed 911 EMT serving the public for 28 years and counting.

Pete is an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer as well as a USCCA Certified Instructor.
“Because I firmly believe that preparation = confidence, my training is never done both as an instructor and as a student.” – Pete

Continued Training:
Pete continues to train, taking classes with industry experts such as Chris Costa (Handgun Element Theory 1 & 2), Former Navy SEAL Larry Yatch (Tactical Defensive Handgun, Tactical Flashlight), Rob Pincus (Combat Focus Shooting) and more.

Pete often is joined by his wife Libby Cheolis who is the Family Education Consultant and Co-owner of Mind Sight Firearms Training. Her passion for children and families drives her instruction of teaching firearm owners the fundamental responsibility of correct firearm storage and carry.

Libby brings her personal experience and perspective of being a first-time learner as well as the unique challenge of being a parent while owning and carrying a firearm.

​”If you are new to the idea of pistols and firearms, I can relate!” ~Libby