Jordan Billings

My name is Jordan Billings and I am the Owner / Operator of Victory Arms, LLC.

I have dedicated a decade of education for not only myself, but also the rest of those who want to own firearms and treat them with the respect and consideration they require.

I came from a background where guns weren’t present in everyday life, so I know how scary it can honestly be when you aren’t accustomed to such things and how to navigate them in your day-to-day life. I have a completely civilian background as well and luckily I learned early on in my career working with other organizations that simply an NRA Instructor and Pistol certification were not going to cut it.

Starting out was frustrating because everyone seemed to have different, and yet somewhat similar viewpoints and opinions on how things were supposed to work for the common citizen; each Instructor had their own way of teaching, with their own background and experience to color their points of view.

I made it my mission to offer the best information, backed not only by leading industry research and procedure but also local and relevant topics as well as local DGU (Defensive Gun Use) research.

Victory Arms is a culmination of that decade of starting from absolute zero, and taking the reality of gun ownership seriously to make sure not only myself, but the students I teach can continue to enjoy their Second Amendment right to firearms when it comes to defense of hearth and home.

What to expect when taking one of the courses hosted by Victory Arms?

I wanted to make the information more accessible to everyone, so the courses you find will be slightly below your average cost – not everybody can afford a 100$ class, another 100$ for the permit costs, as well as drop upwards of 1k$ on a gun and required gear if they don’t have it already. If I can save someone 20$, and they can use that on their journey to being a responsible firearm owner – all the better. The more people I can put out there that understand what they are committing to, the better for everyone.
Self-determination is a key belief with Victory Arms and understanding the difference between what most people think the concept of self-defense is, and what the reality of it can be, we take a look at how expectations influence motivation.

One Howard Gardner estimated that 80% of our motivations are derived from our own expectations and understanding that you can still “lose” even after the critical incident is done helps mentally prepare you for any outcome – but remaining positive and being open to changing your process is essential otherwise you set yourself up for failure before you even begin.

Victory stems from knowledge.

List of certifications:

NRA Certified Instructor-
*Certified Pistol
*Refuse to be a Victim
*Personal Protection in the Home
*Range Safety Officer

USCCA Certified Instructor-
*Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals
*Emergency First Aid
*Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

Law of Self Defense Course Completions-
*Lv. 1 Core
*Defense of Property
*MN Lv. 1

Misc. Certifications-
*Reducing Gun Violence in America: Evidence for Change by Johns Hopkins University
*Personal Defense Network Counter Ambush Concepts – Preparing Your Response
*Minnesota Gun Law by J.Fleming/Mid-Minnesota Self Defense
*FEMA IS-00907 Active Shooter: What Can You Do
*WTTA Firearms Cultural Competence Lv. 1